This game is great for a hike, or to take up a few minutes with some surprise fun. Be sure and explain the rules beforehand and warn the campers that the game could strike at any time!

1. The Game is begun by a leader shouting "camouflage" at which point the campers scatter and hide (dropping their packs if they have them). The leader counts to ten out loud with their eyes closed.
2. After the count is over, the leader begins looking around. If the leader recognizes anyone not completely hidden, they call out the name and location of the camper. If they have correctly identified the camper, then the camper is out, if not, the camper does not have to reveal his or her true identity, and is still in play.
3. Once the leader can no longer identify anyone, they call out "green light" (or any other silly word, such as ostrich, etc. which the campers pick). The leader counts out loud to five with his or her eyes closed. The campers have this five seconds to try and reach the leader, or at least get closer while still being out of sight.
4. The first student to touch the leader without being seen is the winner.

The first time you play this game should be within a few hours of covering the rules. If you wait longer, the students can lose their anticipation.

Try to plan ahead when you would like to play this game, it can be easy to to forget to play if you haven't put a little thought in ahead of time.

The best part about this game is the surprise, enjoy the screams and giggles as the campers flee.


Great for the woods, but can be played almost anywhere besides an open room or field.


Campers hide from the leader, and try to be the first to return unseen.
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Submitted by: Aaron Campbell

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