One person is IT.

IT yells "camouflage" and starts counting to 30, and everyone else tries to run as far away from the IT as possible. At the end of the 30 seconds, everyone must hide as well as possible. The IT then has to find everyone, but can only rotate where they are standing, no taking steps. If the IT can't find anyone, they yell "camouflage" again counting this time to 10, and everyone has to find a new hiding place, but they have to ALWAYS be moving closer to the IT.

There are two ways to win, either be the first person to sneak up and tag the IT person, or be the last person for IT to find, depending how long you have to play.

If you have a lot of forest property, this game is always a winner!


A large woods with lots of cover. Make sure everyone has a lot of bug spray!


Just for fun, to make it a learning moment, have a discussion about how animals camouflage themselves either before or after the game.
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Submitted by: Sawyer Megan

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