This game is very simple, you need no supplies, just bodies. One person has the "Camouflage", this is kind of like being "it". The person with Camouflage calls out "CAMOUFLAGE!!!!" so everyone can hear it. Once it is called they close their eyes, and count to ten. From this point on they cannot move their feet.

Everyone scatters and has 10 seconds to find a suitable hiding place, the ideal hiding place is one where they can see the person with the Camouflage but is hidin from the one who is "it".

Once the one who is "it" has finished counting, they still are unable to move their feet, and they have to (using their hands) hold up a sign (ex. pinky up, ring finger down, middle finger up, index finger up, thumb down) they must hold up the sign for 15-30 seconds, during this time they may twist at the waist, but not moving their feet, and call out people who they see and their hiding spots.

Once the 30 seconds are up, the one who is "it" calls out "Show yourselves" those who are left undiscovered come out and the first to show the correct sign then gains the camouflage. Which can be used at anytime!

This is a great way to liven up meetings, meals and other games.


Medium to large group, about 10 minutes to explain rules.


The one who is Camouflaged -Find those who are trying to hide without moving your feet -Think up fun hand signals for nextime your camouflaged. Those who are not camouflaged -Find a place to hide where you can see the other persons hands but they cant see you. -Recognize the sign they held up and dont get seen. YOU WANT THE CAMOUFLAGE!!!!!
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Submitted by: Kris Zwolak

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