Divide your group into at least three or four equal groups.
Give each group a box with random items such as string, tape, cups, or whatever items you can fins around camp.
Each group will also have an instruction sheet that tells them to pick a banker, an architect, a designer, an advertising agent, etc.. then they must design and build a product to be used at camp. They must have a name for this product, what it does, how much it costs and where to purchase it,plus they need to demonstrate how it works.
Also each group must make a jingle and a commercial.
Once you pick a winner you can display this item for all to see. This is a great team building activity for everyone to participate in.


You will need a cardboard box or crate and fill it with random items found around camp, or items from the art room such as pipe cleaners, rubber bands, cups, paint brushes, stickers, masking tape,and markers. You can also go through lost and found for fum things.


To actually make kids work as a team. This can bring the best out of even the shyest person. Everyone is given a job and everyone performs.
  YES! Print all games and skits

Submitted by: Marice Levy, (Unit Head / Supervisor - Shemesh day camp/JCC)

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