I love being a camp counselor,
There’s nothing I’d rather be.
If I weren’t a camp counselor,
A(n) _________ I would be!
And as you pass me by,
This is what you’d hear me cry...

Baby Doll...Mom! Dad! Oops! I pooped!
Bird Watcher...Hark! A lark! Flying through
the park! Splat!
Camper...What time is it? What’s next? Oh, I
hate that phrase!
Carpenter...Two by four! Now nail it to the
floor! Wham!
Cheerleader...We don’t need to win to have fun!
Cowboy...Rope that steer! Brand that
calf! Watch out where you step! Yuck!
Electrician...Red! Black! Gently now! Zap!
Farmer...Give, Bessie, give! My baby’s gotta
Fighter...Stop! The bell! Darn it all I broke a
Fireman...Jump, Lady! Jump! Aaahhhhh!
Football Player...Set! Hut! Kick ‘em in the butt!
Girl Scout...Buy our cookies! Eat our cookies!
Heave our cookies! Barf!
Nerd... Hey Baby! How’s it going? How
about a date with me? *Snort*
Plumber...Plunge it! Flush it! Look out below!
Scientist...Acid! Base! Blow up in your face!
Stewardess...Here’s your coffee! Here’s your
tea! Here’s your paper bag! Barf!
Valley Girl...Totally! Fer sure! I just got a

We love being camp counselors,
There’s nothing we’d rather be!
Since we are camp counselor,
We’re as happy as can be!

(substitue with your own "careers" as you see fit!)
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