This is kind of a call and response campfire song. The chorus is always the same, but the verses are all improved. Each verse has 4 lines with each line ending in a 1 or 2 word call back. The second line of every verse has to end with a word that ends in I.T. (such as fit or sit.)

Shaving Cream,
be nice and clean,
shave everyday and you'll always be clean
bop bop mmm bop bop mmm bop bop mmm bop bop

*Sample verses
I went to the movie theater (Theater?)
and I was looking for a place to sit (To Sit?)
When I finally got to my seat (My Seat?)
I sat down in a big pile of ... Chorus

A baby fell out of the window (A window?)
You would think that its head would be split (Be Split?)
But just as it hit the ground (The Ground?)
It landed in a Big pile of... Chorus

It is recommended that the entire staff end with the following verse

This is the end of our story (Our Story?)
Thats it, we're through, we quit (We Quit?)
If any of you have been offended (Offended?)
Then go stick your head in a big pile of... Chorus

*** It is always fun to be over dramatic with this song
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Submitted by: Chris Sime

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