Can a 'Nerf Ninja' block all the assaliant's thrown stars, just like in the movies?


ten to twelve foam rubber (nerf type) balls as Chinese-Stars three hula hoops (or large rope coils) for 'bases' one 'pool noodle' as the Ninja 'Bo Stick' place two of the bases side by side separated by about three feet. Set the third base centered between them about eight feet away.


Objective, just as we see in the movies, the 'Ninja' with the Bo tries to block the Chinese Stars (foam balls) as they are thrown by the attackers. If the Ninja is successful, the attackers rotate out and new attackers step into the bases. But if the Ninja is tagged by any of the balls, he or she rotates out of the center base and clockwise, the attackers move up, one to the center, the other moves over one and a new attacker steps into the empty base. THE LEARNING POINT - Draw the campers toward the realization that there is no way the foam balls move as fast as a thrown martial-arts star, yet it is still very likely the Ninja will not be able to block them all and will soon be tagged. What the Ninja movies show is not skill, but movie magic; camera angles (the star was already stuck in the stick) or CGI (computer generated images.) In real life someone is going to get hurt by a thrown Chinese-Star.
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Submitted by: Jim Fox

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