Thanks to all who participated in our October 2005 Camp Marketing Survey! We had 183 responses from camps in USA, Canada, and one from Finland (thanks, Jakko!) Here are the results and related articles to help you assess or improve your Marketing Budget.

Camp Marketing Articles
& Other Resources

Camp Marketing 101
Sample Camp Marketing Plan
Parent Communication and the Internet

On the web...
Camp Marketing for diverse populations
Marketing Matters - Spelling Counts

Congratulations to Camp Kiawa - Girls Guides of Canada

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Camp Marketing Budget Breakdown

Camp Marketing Survey Questions
see our article on "Camp Marketing 101" for more information.

Does your camp offer a website? Yes - 81% / No - 19%

Do you offer online registration? Yes - 37% / No - 63%

Do you collect "How did you find us" information? Yes - 50% / No - 50%

What is your most effective method for recruiting campers?

Word of mouth - 94%
Direct Mail - 4%
All others - 2%

Do you offer early-registration discounts? Yes - 50% / No - 50%

Do you offer referral discounts? Yes - 22% / No - 78%

"Other" Types of Camp Marketing
These are other ways industrius camps market their programs...

  • Presentations at member temples or churches
  • Distribute Camp Calendar
  • House Parties
  • Magazine advertisement
  • Kiosks
  • Summer Camp DVD
  • Camping Conventions
  • Sponsored search keywords
  • Personal home visits & parties
  • Mass email
  • Radio
  • Sponsor school "field days"
  • Handouts at malls, grocery stores, etc.
  • Magazine
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