1. Following the instructions on the package.

2. Attach the iron-on vinyl to the right sides of the fabric or large bandanas.

3. Pin the two pieces of fabric together, right sides together.

4. For the handle. Cut a piece of the thin cord and tie a knot in each end. Pin the handle on the inside of the two pieces you just pinned together so that when you turn the fabric, the handle will be on the outside.

5. Sew the two pieces together leaving space to turn and stuff. Turn the fabric and stuff with the old pillow or stuffing. Sew the rest of sit-upon together. Take to camp and enjoy!


2 pieces of square fabric or 2 large bandannas Iron-on vinyl Iron Scissors Sewing machine and thread Straight pins Old pillow or stuffing Thin cording Hard surface to use for ironing


fun thing to make for overnights and camp fires
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