First, the staff and campers will need to sit down and establish a theme for their skit. Their can be a moment of asking questions like going around the table and asking each camper what they like to do or what is their favorite thing.This can be like a game or circle activity, especially first week of camp. This is where we are getting to know our campers. Someone can be writing down the ideas. Here is where the theme comes into play.After the theme is established, the staff will generate a short story, establish characters and a short script for this skit. Now that this is done, the staff can be assigned to one or two campers to begin to work with them on their particular parts. If they are nonverbal, the staff can ask a parent what the camper likes and interests are. Then they can now begin to develop their parts and help them with generating some signs that the camper can hold or that can be held near them of things they can say. Now that things are planned out, practice begins. Once that is accomplished, let the show begin.


Everyone will have a part. there are no restrictions.Staff must figure out a creative method to get their participant involved in this activity, even if it is putting a sign up with them or some prop that involves them visually in this skit.


The objective is to create a sense that these campers are important and that they would develop good self esteem. The campers will realize that they can do anything they put their minds to, no matter what state their are in.I realize that some know where they are and some do not.
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Submitted by: Candice Yates, (Driver/leader - TTN)

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