The Donkey Song

Chorus - Hey-ho, waddya know,
Donkey ridin', donkey ridin'
Hey-ho, waddya know,
Ridin' on a donkey

Verse 1 - Were you ever in Quebec
Stowing timber on a deck
See a king with a golden crown
Riding on a donkey


Verse 2 - Were you ever in the sea
Swimming with the manatees
Shark is coming after me
Riding on a donkey


Verse 3 - Were you ever on the moon
Sliding down the lunar doons
Martians will be coming soon
Riding on a donkey


Verse 4 - Were you ever stuck at camp
Where it's always nice and damp
Up and down the trails we tramp
We WISH we had a donkey!



You have to be loud!
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Submitted by: Cailey Fitzgerald

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