The shop owner says to the audience "I'm going to be opening a candy shop and I need some things in my empty shop. What do you think I'll need? How about a sign?" Then he/she asks for a volunteer from the audience to come up and act as your sign.

The owner tells the volunteer "Okay, you are going to be my sign. Now I need to be extra loud and catch people’s attention. Say something like, OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!!! Really loud”

The owner then tells the volunteer that they are going to act like a normal person and walk by. Then does so. If impressed by the “sign’s” performance, the owner goes to the audience and picks volunteers one at a time to play the role for a door, cash register, fridge, coat rack, etc. Each makes noises and the owner runs through each time a person is added and makes sure they sound and look funny.

When you have those volunteers ask if you need anything else in your shop, when they finally shout candy, tell them "Why do I need candy when I got a whole bunch of suckers right behind me?"


You will need about 5 volunteers


The objective to make this skit as fun and funny as possible.


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Submitted by: Kelly Hunt

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