This game is usually played with around 100 campers ages 6-12. You need to pick 4 to 6 staff (2 females and 2 males or 3 females and 3 males) and tape (packing or duct) suckers to them.

You can also dress the staff up with helmets, arm bands and knee protectors for looks. The candy"people" then go out and hide some where in the bushes. The game begins when all the campers yell CANDYMAN - this lets the staff who are hiding know that the game has begun.

The campers then run and try to find the CANDY"People". Boys can only catch the boy candymen and girls catch girl candywomen. Once a Candyperson has been found - all the campers who are nearby begin yelling "Candyman Candyman".

It is then strongly advised that the Candyman then runs to a specified open area so that any possible injuries - to both staff and campers - will be minimized.

Once in the open area campers can tackle the Candyman and steal a sucker from them. It is advised that you limit each camper to only one sucker so that everyone will be able to get a candy.

A funny thing to do is, when the Candyman is lying on the ground covered with campers, to yell "They have candy in there pockets!"


4 to 6 willing or unsuspecting staff members. Tape 200 suckers


To chase, tackle and steal a sucker from the Candyman.
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Submitted by: Joe Eclipse

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