This is another version of Color Tag and all the other cross-the-field tag games. In this version, the campers line up on one line and call, "Captain, Captain, may we cross your ship?" To which the captain answers, "Only if you have..." You can fill in the requirement, be it a color they're wearing, an age, or something else that they may have in common. Any camper that meets the requirement has a free pass across to the other line.
The campers who are left repeat the question, "Captain, Captain, may we cross your ship?" This time the captain replies, "Only if you dare!" Those remaining try to cross the field without getting tagged. All who are tagged join the captain as taggers. Repeat the process until only one camper remains, who becomes the next captain.


A field or court.


To be the last untagged player.
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Submitted by: Kurt Leapley

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