Divide the group into two teams; identify each by a set of arm or headbands. Set up a jail area (3- 4 square yards) and a separate hiding spot for each flag. Jails are set up at opposite ends of a 5 -20 acre area.

The object of the game is to penetrate the other team's area and capture their flag. A flag is "captured" after it has been returned to the captor's jail area.

Prisoners are taken by having their arm or headbands removed by an opponent. Prisoners are taken to the jail of their captor; they wait there quietly until they are released. Prisoners can only be released when a member of their team (with arm or headband intact) runs through the jail in which they are being held captive. After their release, prisoners are given free escort back to a central spot near their end of the area. Here, they are issued new arm or headbands. The game continues until a flag is captured, or time is up.

NOTE: Supervision at the jails and "new arm band area" is important.

Encourage teams to plan elaborate strategies of defense and offence. It is fun to play the game with three or four teams, each with its own jail area and hiding spot for flag.


2 handmade flags on staffs 2 feet long, 2 different colored sets of arm or headbands ( made of crepe paper
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