Pick a category for Car Lot (i.e. fruit, cars, candy, etc.). Once the catagory has been picked, select two campers (or counselors) to be "it" and send them to the middle of the playing area.

All the rest of the campers line up at one end of the playing field. Once lined up, the campers that are "it" yell out 3 items within the catagory. The campers independently choose one of the 3 items to "be." When the "it" people call out one of the 3 choices, everyone who picked that choice runs to the other end of the playing field trying to avoid being tagged by one of the "it" people.

If tagged, that camper must sit down right when they are tagged. When sitting down, the camper may tag someone. If someone is tagged by a sitting down person, the person sitting down may get back up and play the game.


Caller 1: The catagory is Fruit
Caller 2: The 3 Choices are: Apples
Caller 1: Oranges
Caller 2: and Strawberries
(Wait for campers to SILENTLY choose item)

Caller 1: Apples
(Apples run)

And so on


A Large Playing field (a Cul de sac or Park will do)


To be the last one standing
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Submitted by: Ben B

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