"Uno" with regular playing cards:

1) Cards are matched by suit (3 of Hearts matches 10 of
Hearts) or number (5 of Diamonds matches 5 of Spades)

2) Group decides on value of Face cards-
A = Wild Draw 4, K = Draw 2, Q = Skip, J = Reverse OR
A = Wild, K = Draw 2, Q - Reverse, J = Skip.
Because there are 5 Specialty cards in an Uno game-
Wild, Wild Draw 4, Draw 2, Reverse and Skip- you may
want to play with the Jokers or designate a number card
with a Specialty card value.
During play, keep a list of the card values.

3) Play the game according to regular game playing rules.


Playing cards- 2 through Ace, 4 cards each and suited hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs; deck may include jokers.


Be the first player to get rid of all cards.
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Submitted by: Monica McMurtry

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