4 or more people are waiting at the bus stop, one holding a box. The person holding the box says to the lady beside her "can you hold this for me? I just have to run to the bathroom". The lady agrees and holds the box, while the person goes to the bathroom.
While she is gone, the box 'leaks', the lady touches the bottom of the box and says 'Oh..something spilled' smells it, and says 'it smells delicious!'"There's my bus...excuse me could you hold this box for me? The person will be back to get it" She asks of the man beside her.

The man agrees, holds the box while the lady disappears on the bus. The man notices the box is leaking..."oooh looks like something lemony...(tastes it)..Oh! there's my bus, could you hold this? The person will be back to get it soon"
He asks the person next to him.

Continue on like this through the number of people on the stage.

The last person..smells,tastes,etc the leaking substance as the person comes back from the bathroom to claim her box and says..."Oh! thanks for holding my cat!"

*I made my co-leader the last person, and didn't tell her the punch line for a very authentic reaction...the Brownies loved this! Adults do too.*


a box and an imagination


to laugh! They are tasting cat pee after all!
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Submitted by: Laurie Rees

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