3 students to "be walked over"
1 Ringleader
3-10 students to line up under a blanket.
1 "audience volunteer"

The ringleader introduces the skit as the Amazing Talented Caterpillar. The caterpillar "hesitantly" comes out on stage. The ringleader tells the audience how smart this caterpillar is, he can count to (say any number) the caterpillar stomps out that number with his feet. The ringleader continues, this caterpillar is also polite, he can bow (caterpillar bows)The the ringleader asks for a volunteer from the audience. The ringleader has the 3 people lie down, as well as the volunteer for the caterpillar to walk over. The ringleader tells the audience that this has NEVER been done before, and as the last person under the blanket walks over that audience volunteer, they dump a glass of water on them. The ringleader then delivers the punch line "Oh! I'm so sorry, I forgot to tell you he's not potty trained!"


Blanket, pitcher/glass of water
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Submitted by: Carolynn Chamlee

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