To set the skit, line four or five pairs of campers in a row. On person lies down on the ground with their knees bent, the other straddles their stomach with their legs behind. So, from the front it appears as if there is only one person there, when in fact there is a top person and a bottom person. The campers will now tell a story with actions.

The Tops makes a telephone with their hands and says, "Ok, Cecilia, I will see you in FIVE minutes." Then she says, "So I waited, and I waited, and I waited" (Bottoms puts right ankle on left knee, while Tops lean on right hand looking bored, and every time they hear the word "waited" they switch legs or hands).

They say, "I thought I heard a knock, a knock, a knock upon the door." (on the word "knock" Tops should act like they is pounding a door while Bottoms stamp their feet)

They say, "So I ran downstairs (Bottoms stamps feet), opened the door (Tops perform action)... and it WAS (excited look)... my mom (disappointed look)."

They say, "so I ran back upstairs (Bottom stamps feet) and I waited and I waited and I waiting" (Repeat the whole thing only the door reveals you dad or your brother... whoever)

Finally, you go through the whole thing... "I ran downstairs, opened the door, and it was... CECILIA!" At this point, Tops should lie face down on Bottoms' legs, while Bottoms sit up and throw up their arms.
It is very amusing to see the pairs negotiate the fact that they must coordinate their moves with body parts that are not their own.
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Submitted by: Laurie Horstman

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