Sung to the tune of the Princess Pat

Now Chainsaw Jack (repeat each phrase using the comma as a phrase break),lived in a tree
He SAWED a path, to Timbuktoo
He SAWED a path, to Victoria
And he brought with him, a BIG CHAINSAW!

A big chainsaw, now what is that?
Itís something made, for Chainsaw Jack
Itís red and black, and got ch-ch-chrome too
Thatís why itís called, a BIG CHAINSAW!

Now Axeman Dick, and his mighty fine crew,
They chopped a path, to Timbuktoo
His Axe did BREAK, and yours will you
Unless you bring, a BIG CHAINSAW!


Now Chainsaw Jack, saw that Axeman hack
He stomped on over, almost gave him a smack
Instead he shared, his gear with him
And what was that? a BIG CHAINSAW!



No requirements necessary.


No requirements necessary, however this is for the big boisterous crowd, usually sung near the beginning. It was first created to be an opposite song to the Princess Pat, it's not as melodious or beautiful sounding, but try and keep the same cadence. Really try to emphasis the words BIG CHAINSAW, SAWED, Black and Red, Ch-ch-chrome, really be growly and manly/womanly or find your own way to do it. For actions create any action along with it but for big chainsaw the one that is most popular was BIG (Raise arms above your head and as wide as possible) CHAIN (pretend to be holding onto a chainsaw) SAW (pretend to pull the starting cord) If you want to make this a competition between Princess Pat and Chainsaw Jack, first have someone sing Princess Pat and then someone gets up and says something like ďWoah that song was fine all but it was a little dainty! How bouts we try a real song.Ē At the end of the Chainsaw Jack get the other leader who sang Princess Pat to interrupt during the last chorus and have a sing off between the girls and boys or half camps, whatever you deem appropriate. And of course HAVE FUN!
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Submitted by: Jamie Waterlow, (Assistant Director - YMCA Camp Howdy)

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