My 4th game gym teachers made up this game, and it was a school favorite

This game should be played in a gymnasium, or on concrete such as a basketball court, etc. You should break the children up into groups of 3-5.

Everyone starts behind a line near the wall on one side of the gym, and each group is given a long rope, one of those flat scooters with four wheels with handles on 2 of the sides, and a rubber chicken. About 10-20 yards away from the line (must at least be closer than the full length of the rope) there is a hula hoop on the ground in front of each group.

Tell the campers that the ground between the line and the hula hoop is off limits. Everyone in their group must get from behind the line to the hula hoop without touching the ground, using only the rubber chicken, the scooter, and the rope. Only one person is allowed on the scooter at a time. If someone touches the ground while on the way to the hula hoop, they must return to behind the line.

Leave the rest up to them.


scooter, rope, rubber chicken, hula hoop


get everyone in your group from behind the line into the hula hoop, without touching the ground.
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Submitted by: Jess Surprise Lake Camp

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