This is a large indoor group game that we play on rainy days.

Start out telling each cabin to get one pillow case per cabin and fill it with anything they think they might need from inside or around their cabin.

They get things like toiletries, clothes, craft items, sticks etc.

Campers come to the auction site and are instructed to spread out their items at their table and then sit around the table.

Beforehand, we set up a power point slide show (you can use a poster size notepad as well) with the items we want for the auction. Keep this a secret until all of the groups are sitting around their table with all of the items they brought.

Begin the auction by showing the first item. If the group brought the item with them, they can present it and immediately earn points. If they do not have the requested item in their pillow case, the campers have 2-3 minutes to make the item with the items they did bring, if possible.

When time is up each group comes to the front of the room and presents the item they created and we allocate points to the best. Sometimes we give extra points for the best or points for the grossest, biggest, etc. Be creative and have fun with the qualifications.

Some things to request:

Lifejacket, belly button lint, rain jacket (extra points if it keeps you dry when we pour water on you), love letter, song (everyone has to sing it), a horse, etc.

Try to "auction" things that they would not have thought to bring. The point is to be creative about making the item.

Tip: Instruct counselors to limit their help to just giving ideas, its no fun if the counselor does all the work. Also make sure you're clear to everyone ahead of time about how you will decide to give the points.


Power point presentation to display or large Note pad to display items Usually takes 1-2 hours Large table for each cabin to sit around


Campers work in cabins to try to make or come up with the items to auction and cabins get points for having the best or grossest item.
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Submitted by: Niki Gourley, (Co-Director - Camp Piankatank)

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