One person with a loud voice will stand on a chair or other high place so that they can be seen above the heads of the group. After you have explained the game and everyone is ready the person on the chair will call out one of the following couples: Knight and Queen, Prince and Princess, and Horse and Rider. When one of these three couples is called people must get into pairs. If Horse and Rider were called one of the people in the pairs will be the Horse and one will be the Rider. Then the pairs will get into the correct formation.

Each of the three chivalrous couples has its own formation that goes with it. The Knight and Queen's formation is one person as the "Knight" down on one knee and the other person as the "Queen" sitting on the "Knight's" knee. The Prince and Princess formation is one person as the "Prince" will have the the other person, the "Princess," in their arms. The Horse and Rider formation is the "Horse" will be standing up and the "Rider" will be riding piggy-back on the "Horse."

The last pair to get into the correct formation is either out of the game or they "Take 5" off to the side of the group. After one chivalrous couple has been called and one or two pairs of people have been eliminated have the group mingle. Then randomly call another couple. Have the group try to get into pairs with different people at every round. Play as long as it is still fun and exciting.

Hint: If you have kids and adults or big and small kids let them know that it will be easier to have the littler person of the pair as the "Queen," "Princess," or "Rider."


To have fun and to get everyone relaxed among new people.
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Submitted by: Priscilla Maranville

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