Gather all the people in a circle. Each player is numbered in order. The player with the number 1, (Usually the leader) starts by tapping a rythym on their legs and ground. It goes 'Pat (legs), clap clap, thump(ground), thump.' As they tap the rythym, on he two 'claps' they say their own number and someone elses number. The person with this number must say theirown number and another number on the next two claps. If a person messes up, they move next to te one and everyone else takes the next number.

(1) 'Pat, "1, 3," thump thump'
(3) 'Pat, "3, 4," thump thump'
(4) 'Pat, "5, 2," thump thump'
See, four got it wrong so the move to the least spot, becoming the last number. If there were five people, and the three messed up, the three would become the five, the five would become the four, and the four would become the three.


It might help to have strips of paper with the numbers to remember the numbers, but it isn't necessary.


To become the one.
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Submitted by: Katie Beth

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