When the civil war was out ,there was this guy in the Gettisburg battle who got his legs blown off in the war. The only way he could move around is dragging himself with his really long nails. He was also a psyco. For that reason, when the war was over people were told to go inside at 6:00 and lock all the doors and windows, because that was when the psyco war soldier came back to kill. You could tell when he was around you when you heard him dragging himself on his nails. No one knows his name so they call him.....Click-Clack.

Well, one day a girl named Sally asked her mom-Susey- if she could go to her friend's house for a while. (They have heard the Click-Clack story and they belive it.) Her mom looked at the clock. It was only 3:00. So she told Sally to come back at 5:45, just in case the Click-Clack comes out early. So, Sally played and played and lost track of time. By the time she started walking home it was 5:30, and her hose was 40 minutes away. "No problem, I'll be home in time." Sally thought. Then Sally stopped to get some ice cream. She sat down to eat it and by the time started walking again it was already 6:00. About 30 minutes later Sally started hearing something behind her. Click, Click, Drag, Click, Click, Drag. "OH MY GOSH, I NEED TO START RUNNING!!!!" Sally thought.

Meanwhile, back at her house, Susey was getting ready for bed and thought that her daughter was sound asleep and decided not to disturb her until morning. She started to hear banging on the door and thought it was just the Click-Clack, and ignored it. It was really her daughter trying to get in.

The next morning, Susey went out side to get the news paper. But all she found was her daughter's dead body on the door step, and on the tree writen in blood was "Mom why didn't you open the door?"
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Submitted by: Rachel Deroche

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