Take 3 coffee filters and colour each one differently with random patterns. Spray with water and let them dry in the sun. Let the markers bleed out while getting the rest of the craft ready.
Take pipe-cleaners (AKA Chenille Stems) and wind 2 colours together to be the stem of the flower. With a third, create leaves that wind into and out from the stem.
When the coffee filters are dried, layer each one on top of eachother, and pinch in the middle. wrap the top of the flower stem around the pinch, and ruffel up the filters. The result should be a colourful and unique flower


-Coffee Filters -Pipe-Cleaners -Washable Marker -Spray Bottle -Water (Optional, tape)


Create unique flowers out of craft supplies
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Submitted by: Maher El Hares , (Recreation Leader - City of Calgary, Community & Neighbourhood Services)

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