An announcer is standing by a person sitting in a chair covered by a sheet.

Announcer: Come one come all! Come see the scariest monster in the world! (The person under the sheet)

Customer1: Alright, I'll check it out, how scary can it be? (They peek under the sheet and faint or run away screaming)

Announcer: O.K., Who's next? Step right up!

Customer2: I'll take a look (Peeks under sheet and screams while fainting)
Announcer: (rolls customer to the side) Anyone Else?

Customers 3 & 4: Let us look! (They both look under the sheet and faint)

Announcer: (Rolls customers with the other one) This wasn't in the job description. Does anyone from out there want to look at the monster?

(Choose a volunteer who won’t get their feelings hurt easily)

Volunteer looks under the sheet and then the monster runs away screaming.


Sheet, microphone (Can be fake)
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Submitted by: Kelli Smith

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