Make a dozen or so loops out of rope, approximately 2-4 feet in diameter each. You want to have one loop for every person in your group.

The activity:

Team members have a “community project” to complete. i.e. big carnival, sports tournament, etc. and need the help of many community agencies/organizations- represented by the circles.

Each team member must come up with ideas regarding whose help they will need to make the event successful. When a team member suggests a person or organization who's help they may need, they are given a circle.

Once each team member has a circle, they must place both of their feet "inside the cylinder created by the circle" (in other words starting at the ground and going infinitely high-but don't give them those instructions) .

If everyone is within their circle you are ready to begin.

Ask everyone to switch to a new circle. When the group is in transit, take one circle away.

Once everyone’s feet are inside the circles, call out for the group to switch and take another circle while the group is in transit.

Advise the group that removing circles can represent people or organizations that can no longer help with the event, and the group must try to “pull it off” without them. Participants will begin to become crowded within the circles (be sure to leave a large one for the end).

Eventually groups may figure out that only their feet must be within the circle, and they may sit around the large circle with their feet piled up within it.


Circles made from rope of various sizes(1-3 feet in diameter, larger for bigger group)
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