• 7 goals of varying size set up in a large circle roughly the size of a soccer field
• Players divided into 7 different teams by continent
• Game is played with traditional soccer rules and multiple balls (number dependent on total players…~1 ball for every 15 players)
• Score is kept by goals scored against with a point value assigned per goal (see table below)
• Players should attempt to score on all goals except their own

Continent Landmass Rank Population Rank / % Goal Value
Asia 1st / 7 paces 1st / 60% 3 pts
Africa 2nd / 6 paces 2nd / 20% 2 pts
North America 3rd / 5 paces 4th / 6% 6 pts
South America 4th / 4 paces 5th / 5% 4 pts
Antarctica 5th / 3 paces 7th / 0% 1 pt
(always two people)
Europe 6th / 2 paces 3rd / 7% 7 pts
Australia 7th / 1 pace 6th / 2% 5 pts
*The population percentages are general values and should be adjusted to fit the number of players in the game. For example, Australia has only 2% but should have more than 2 total players on its team.

• Play lasts for 15-20 minutes at the end of which a score is tallied for each team
• 3 or more sessions are played and at the end of the last session the team with the LOWEST amount of points against them is the winner


At least 7 soccer balls - preferably foam or soft. 7 "goals" for teams to defend If possible a way to mark different teams
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Submitted by: Josh Landefeld

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