1. Stick one toothpick into large end of the large cork. Angle the toothpick upward for the horse's neck.

2. Stick another toothpick into the small end of the large cork. Angle this toothpick downward for the horse's tail.

3. Stick four toothpicks for legs, on what will be the underside of the horse's body.

4. Glue yarn strips along both the tail and neck toothpicks until covered. This is the mane and the tail hair.

5. Stick the large end of the smaller cork onto the neck for the horse's head.

6. Glue the googly eyes or beads onto the head for eyes. You can just make the eyes with black marker if you prefer.

7. Glue two, small pieces of brown or black felt or colored paper on the head for ears.

8. If desired, you can cut small pieces of scrap felt or material into the shape of a saddle and glue it onto the horse's back.


2 corks (one large and a smaller one); Toothpicks; black, brown or yellow scrap yarn; black or brown felt (you can substitute this with piece of paper colored brown or black; 2 black beads or googly eyes; glue


make a fun little horse
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