In a cottage in a wood
Little old man at the window stood,
Saw a rabbit running by
Frightened as could be.

"Help me, help me, sir," she said,
"Before the huntsman shoots me dead."
"Come, little rabbit, come with me,
Happy we will be."

Cottage - draw shape of cottage in air
Little old man at the window stood - hold hands up to eyes like binoculars looking out window
Rabbit running by - hold hand in "peace" sign with two fingers extended to look like rabbit ears, and move hand from one side to the other in "hopping" motion
Frightened as could be - cross arms across chest and twist from side to side
Help me, help me - throw arms up in air
Shoots me dead - clap one hand against the other
Come little rabbit - "come here" gesture with finger
Happy we will be - stroke one hand with the other

Keep repeating;
with each repeat replace a line of the song with the appropriate action until no words are sung.
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