Items needed: Cotton balls, petroleum jelly, bowls
Set up tables with saucers with petroleum jelly, and cotton balls in a mixing bowl.
Break up into teams. One at a time the 'contestants' dip their noses into the jelly (no hands allowed) then touch the cotton ball with their nose. Run with the cotton ball hanging to the recepticle bowl on the other end of the room. Deposit the cotton ball in the bowl (no hands allowed) return to the start point and tag the next person who repeats everything. The team with the most cotton balls in the bowl at the end of the time limit wins!
We had a blast when we tried this one! The kids will come up with some very inovative ways to release the cotton ball from their nose!


Cotton balls, petroleum jelly, bowls, saucers, facial tissues (for clean-up)


deposit as many cotton balls into the bowl as possible during the time limit
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Submitted by: Gene Barnett, (Youth Director - North Chiefland Church of God)

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