All of the campers are brought to a central meeting point. While they are in their meeting, the staff that are playing run off and hide. This works great if you have woods or large property but can also be used in just camp.

The campers are being told in their meeting the boundaries of the game and places they can not look. Each staff member that is brought back is worth a number of points. If you have a team captain for the week, they are worth additional points. Also, there can be a number of hidden items- these will bring in more points. Once the campers started, they can hunt and look for their staff. At the end of the time allotted there needs to be a buzzer or air horn that campers can hear that will bring them back to the starting point.

For safety, you can assign Counselors-in-Training to go with the groups, or pair younger children up with older children.


Make sure that there is a head count after the campers have returned for safety reasons. Have at least one or two staff members on boarder duty that just walk around the border making sure campers are in the lines of hunting and for extra safety


Once found a staff member the camper needs to bring the staff to the central point again to cash in for points for their team or cabin
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Submitted by: Katy Milne, (White Mountain Ranch)

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