"Creak", a sound, faint, distant, but still heard.
"Crack", something snapping, or being trampled on.
The man sits in his room, reading. The room is silent except for the quiet fire burning.
"Creak"..Just the the house settling, nothing more.
"Crack", Perhaps some small animals outdoors.
"Whoosh", Was that the wind?
The man stands up and peeks out the window. A clear night is all he sees, the full moon brillent in the sky. Laughing at his nervousness, he returns to his book.
"Creak", the man now silently chuckles at the sound.
"Crack", how could he have been scared of some sounds.
"Whoosh", must be breezy out tonight.
"Thump"...did that come from within the house?
The man stares into the fire, trying to calm his jangled nerves.
"Whoosh"...will the sounds never cease?
Closer, he thinks, the sounds are getting closer. He shuts the book and closes his eyes, and thinks of something besides his wild imagination.
"Thump"..."Thump"..."Thump"...a pause? The man moves quietly, slowly, towards the door with a nervous gait. "Thump"...a step back..."Thump"...yes, it's getting closer. "Thump"...he stares at the door, trying to somehow see through it..."Thump"...he reaches slowly for the doorknob, hand shaking, no longer able to take not knowing..."Creak", a loose floorboard, near the door outside..."Thump", he slowly opens the door...
"A scream"
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