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Joe Crimi, Lisa Bernstein – Program Directors

Crestwood’s Teen Program has long been considered one of the top Teen Travel programs on Long Island. With the friendships developed, fantastic overnights, bonding with staff and day-to-day fun, it’s no wonder that many teens don’t want it to end.

With sufficient interest, Crestwood will finalize plans for a new 11th grade program. This program will incorporate what Teens love: the overnights and day trips plus add many new events and activities just for our 11th graders. The age, maturity, and level of responsibility of our oldest Teens will allow for trips that have never been experienced before.

These special events will include some of the following and more:

• Extended overnights with college tours including staying in the dorms

• Unique and different city trips including evening activities

• Shows (ie.Blue Man Group)

• TV Studio tours and other exclusive city tours

• Beautiful and exciting NYC parks, markets and festivals (i.e. Chelsea)

• Concerts at Jones Beach

• Seaport adventures including Bodies and Dialogue in the Dark.

Crestwood can tailor the program to fit the needs of each Teen. Teens can come for 8 weeks, 4 weeks or can split the summer – one month in the Teen Program and the other as an Apprentice (work experience at Crestwood). Come and be part of a new program that will provide memories to last a lifetime.

A minimum enrollment in this program is required by March 1, 2013 for Crestwood to finalize plans and travel arrangements. You and your friends should enroll as soon as possible risk free. (Deposits will be refunded if for any reason Crestwood does not run the program).

If there are any questions about this or any other program, call Crestwood at (631) 692-6361.
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Submitted by: Alla Kellerman, (Marketing Director - crestwood country day)

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