This is a game recommended for campers that are above the age of 10 years. Advise campers and staff to wear some sort of hat before participating in this activity.

This game is very simple, yet very exciting and fun. All campers and staff insert their Crocs, flip-flops, or other non-heavy shoes on top of the parachute.

Together, you get everyone on the outside to hold onto the sides of the parachute, and slowly move the whole thing up, and then down. When you are confident, instruct everyone to raise it at the strongest and highest speed possible, and then to pull it down, also at the strongest and highest speed possible. If done properly, all the shoes will pop REALLY HIGH up in the air. This program is very successful, because for some reason, kids love seeing shoes pop really high up in the air.




To make objects in parachute fly into the air
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