Everyone sits in a circle with hands out to their sides and palms up.
Everyone's right hand should be on top of their neighbors left (palm up).
Someone is elected to start the song.
When the song starts, the first person takes their right hand, crosses it over to the person on their left and slaps that person's right hand. This continues until the end of the song below.
On the last word of the song two things can happen. First, when the group sings out, "Five" the person who's hand is slapped is out. Second, if this person is quick enough and pulls their hand away in time before the other person slaps their hand, then the person trying to slap is out.
The circle then moves in closer and you continue playing.
When you are down to two people, they stand up, hold each others right hand in front of them and sing the song again while swinging their joined hands back and forth towards each other in rhythm to the song. When they say "five", the person that their hands are closer to is out and the other is the winner.

This is how I learned the song....

Crocodile morey, croc, croc, croc.
See cinco, cinco, - cinco, cinco sock.
See cinco, cinco, - malo, malo, - malo, malo, malo.
One, two, three, four, five!
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Submitted by: Theresa Coonen

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