Cut the Cake
Traditional song / Adapted by D.Hollingworth
From: Singing Games for Parachute Play

1. Everyone stands around the parachute and sings the following song:

Dance around the circle (dance around or in place)
Give a little shake (shake the parachute)
Twist on down together (twist down toward the floor)
Then you cut the cake (raise the parachute high)

2. At the end of the song, the leader quickly calls out someone's name. This person and the leader run under the parachute and swap places while the parachute is in the air (cutting the cake).

3. The person chosen now becomes the chooser after the song is sung again. They quickly call out someone's name to swap places with at the end of the song. This process continues until everyone has had a turn to be the caller.

Hint: Because the caller always ends up standing in the same position in the circle, the people standing beside him or her rarely get chosen (as it's not as exciting trading places with the person next to you as it is to run across the circle!) Every now and then move the caller to a new position in the circle, or randomly call out two names to change places, so the caller is in a different position.

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