The leader hides an envelope (the D'Juno!) that has information inside about something in our natural environment (see samples below). The object of the game is to use clues to discover the location of the envelope containing this new information about the outside world, thereby becoming the winner of the D'Juno Award!
After the D'Juno has been hidden, the leader plants a clue (often rhyming couplets) for all to read. If, after ten minutes, no one has located the envelope, the leader posts another clue. Clues continue until someone discovers the award.

SAMPLE CLUES: (Location of D'Juno is: taped to the back of a thermometer at the Weather Station).
1. I'll brighten your day by degrees and degrees But leave me alone -don't hug me please.
2. If it's warm outside I'm the first to know, A little red bulb always tells me so.

A. D'JUNO that some plants receive their nourishment by eating other plants and insects?
B. D'JUNO that a large porcupine may have as many as 35,000 quills?
C. D'JUNO that the Canadian-United States boundary is 3,789 miles in length not including Alaska?
D. D'JUNO that one of the largest vultures ever known weighed more than 15 pounds and had a wing span of 8 feet?
E. D'JUNO that the weasel, the smallest carnivore, is credited with being able to pass through a wedding ring?


Paper and pen, tape
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