1. Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard (which is slightly longer than the size of the spoon) several times until enough yarn has been wrapped to make a hula type skirt which will be wrapped around spoon. Remove yarn from hand and cut through all layers of one side of loops.

2. Take center of each strand of yarn and place at very top of spoon (bowl end) and wrap yarn around bowl of spoon like hair.

3. Take elastic band and wrap around neck of spoon to separate hair from flowing skirt. Pull strands completely around handle of spoon to form skirt.

4. Make opening at inside spoon bowl to make a face with marker.

5. Glue a cotton ball on each side of the elastic band for arms.


Scrap yarn (any colors); 1 plastic spoon (buy a bag if using for group project); Markers; Cotton balls; tiny elastic bands; small amount of glue


fun way to take a simple object and make a toy
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