Camper 1- "Ladies and gentlemen! A bit of hush, come on now! Thank you! We have for you all a very special treat tonight. We have managed to get hold of some very rare dancing zebras from across the globe! And now for your viewing pleasure, here they-"

Camper 2- "No, no, we can't bring them on."

Camper 1- "What? Why not, the audience is dying to see the amazing Dancing Zebras!"

Camper 2- "No, we can't. Look at that (points to a rope/cord on the ground).

Camper 1- "Ah. right. Yes, that is a problem. The Dancing Zebras might trip and fall over this rope ladies and gentlemen ... well that's it, we can't do the show."

Camper 2- "Yes we can! We just need some tape to tape it down! And look, I have some here!" (Pulls out a roll of masking tape)

Camper 1 "Excellent. Right give me that, I'll just tape it down."

Camper 2- "No, no, I can do it. Just let me- (unrolls huge bit of tape, gets it stuck on hands) Oh no. Um ... well, I can save this, just let me carefully try to peel it off ...

Camper 1- "You're an idiot, give that here, ill do it! (snatches it off Camper 2 from behind, "accidently" winding it around Camper 2s shoulder and neck)

Camper 2- "Stop! You're wasting it! Look, I can save this ... (Snatches it back and begins to roll minute amounts back onto the roll, very carefully)

Camper 1- "Give that here, you're wrecking everything! You can't wind it back on! (Snatches it and gets tangled up even further)

(This continues on until almost the entire roll is used up, with Camper 2 getting more and more covered in tape and apologizing profusely for ruining the skit and Camper 1 getting more and more angry until ...)

Camper 1- "ENOUGH!! (rips all tape off himself) YOU-RUINED-THE-SKIT! (winds remaining tape around and around Camper 2 and walks off).

Camper 2- "Wait! Wait! (looks down at tape). ... I can save this ... (jumps off stage after Camper 1).

The main objective here is to get as wound up in the tape as possible. I strongly recommend using a cheap, thin (in width) clear tape or a semi sticky masking tape ... not packing tape, as campers will be unwilling to rip it off.


Tape and a long cord, preferably something that looks like a microphone cord ... but rope works well.
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Submitted by: Fitzy Cusack

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