7 or more campers. Numbers can be adjusted.
Begins with four campers, three passengers and one driver, driving down the road until they...
Hit a stick. All four "fall" out of the car, the passengers to one side and the driver to the other. Two Southern policemen and one Southern coroner show up, talking and bantering until they find the "bodies."
Both of the policemen poke at one of the three passengers. Example thing to do: pretend to pick the person's nose and taste it.
POLICEMAN: This one's dead in the ditch!
CORONER: Dead in the ditch. D-e-d, d-i-c-h!
This repeats with the other two passengers.
Then, when they reach the driver, the policeman pokes around as he/she did before, but says...
POLICEMAN: This one's dead in the boulevard.
CORONER: Dead in the boulevard. D-e-d, b-l-t, no, wait, q-r-x (random spellings for a while). Can you help me out here, guys?
Policemen lift driver and carry him/her near the other three passengers.
CORONER: Dead in the ditch! D-e-d, d-i-c-h!
Coroner shows large sketchpad/notepad with DED DICH in large letters.
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Submitted by: Gabi Garcia

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