To play Deadbox, you either chalk or paint a large box in the street. In the center of this box is a smaller box with the picture of a skull and cross bones in it.

Along the inside of the outer box were 13 small squares, one inside each of the four corners and the rest along the sidelines. The playing pieces were bottle caps, the small flat ones with the ridges.

The object of the game is to flick the bottle caps into each numbered box in order from 1 to 13. However, if you landed in the center box which was the dead box, you were either out of the game or you had to start back at square
1, depending on which set of rules you decided on at the beginning of the game.

When you number the squares you try and do it so the bottle cap has to cross the deadbox as many times as possible.

If a paved area is not available to you, it is not too difficult to make a game board out of plywood and some paint.


Bottle Caps, the small flat ones with ridges
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