Divide the group into two teams.

Have each teamís members line up side-by-side and the entire team lines up directly across from the other team, facing the opposite direction. Place a ball or other object in between the two teams.

Everyone on each team holds hands with the person next to them and closes their eyes.

The first person in each line will be the only person that can have their eyes open.

The line leaders will watch the coin flipper who will flip a quarter.

When the quarter lands on HEADS, the first person in line is to squeeze the next personís hand.

This will cause a chain reaction and each person should squeeze the next personís hand after they feel their first hand being squeezed.

The last person in line will then retrieve the ball is the winner for that round.

After a winner is declared, the person from the end will go to the beginning.

The team with the most points after everyone has gone through the rotation is declared to be the game winner.


Need a Quarter and a Ball or large soft object.
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Submitted by: Elizabeth Reder

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