There was a Desperado from the wild and wooly West.
He wore a big sombrero, and two guns across his chest.
He rode out East just to give the West a rest,
And everywhere he went, he gave his war whoop.

Chorus: He was a big tall man
He was a (clap) Desperado
From Cripple Creek
Way out in Colorado.
And he horsed around just like a big tornado,
And everywhere he went, he gave his war whoop.

He went to Coney Island just to see the pretty sights.
He saw the hoochie – koochies and the girls all dressed in tights;
He got SOOOO excited that he shot out all the lights (BANG!).
And everywhere he went he gave his war whoop.


There was a big policeman just a-walking on his beat.
He saw the Desperado just a-strolling down the street.
He took the desperado by the head and by the seat:
And who-o-osh, he couldn’t give his war whoop.

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Submitted by: Sally Walker

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