Have Everyone sit in a circle with chairs or something to mark the spot the are sitting. (ex.backpacks)
Have one person stand in the middle of the circle.
Julie (the person in the middle) stands in front of James and asks him if he loves his neighbors.(the people sitting beside him)
If James answers no, then the two people beside him have to switch places while Julie tries to grab one of their spots. If James answers yes, then he has to continue with ...but i dont love people who...(ex, have blue eyes, are wearing a long sleaved shirt, have ever owned a hamster, names start with the letter M) the people who fit what James described, then have to switch spots with eachother. Julie tries to grab a spot. If she does, the person who didnt get a spot is now in the middle. Kit is now in the middle and asks Harry if he loves his neighbor and so on.


to not be in the middle
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Submitted by: Katrina Robertson

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