Everyone is seated in chairs forming a circle except for one person standing in the middle. The person in the middle will go to one person seated in the circle and ask them "Do you love your neighbor?" and that person can give two answers:

"Yes, but I don't like people who..." and they will finish by saying something like "wear purple" and everyone wearing purple has to get up out of their seat and switch to another seat while the person in the middle attempts to sit in one of those seats. The person left standing is now the one who asks the question.

"No." when given this answer, both people sitting next to the person who answered will have to switch seats while the person who asked the question can take one of those seats and the one left without a seat is now the one who asks the question.

*no one can switch to the seat directly next to them at any point*


chairs forming a circle
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Submitted by: Allison Lemley

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