Characters (in order of appearance): Director, Mother, Daughter, Doctor, Mortician

Director: OK, OK everyone, places! Take one!

Mother: (pretends to sweep the kitchen)

Daughter: (comes in the room looking sick) Mom, I don't feel good.

Mother: (puts hand to daughter's head as if checking her temperature) Let's see.

Daughter: (falls to the ground and dies, badly)

Mother: Oh, NO! I think my daughters dead! I better call the doctor! (runs to an imaginary phone and dials the number, waits a moment as if waiting for an answer)

Doctor: (appears at the side of the stage or where ever skit is being shown) Hello?

Mother: Doctor, Doctor! I think my daughter's dead!

Doctor: OK. I'll be right over.(walks a few steps forward as if walking to Mother's house, knocks on something nearby to be the door)

Mother: Doctor, Doctor! My daughter's dead!

Doctor: OK, let's check it out. (does something silly to the daughter who is still lying on the floor i.e.: listens to her foot like a phone)Yep, she's dead. Better call the Mortician. (Pulls imaginary phone out of pocket and dials a number)

Mortician: (enters at the side) Hello?

Doctor: Mortician? We got a dead one.

Mortician: OK. I'll be right over. (walks a few steps forward and knocks on something like Doctor)

Mother: (opens door)

Mortician: (walks in and over to the body, does something silly but different than the doctor i.e.: sniff her eye) Yep, she's dead.

Director: CUT, cut, cut...too boring. Let's do it like... [insert new direction here] The characters are best to be played by camp counselors or cabin leaders...make up five different ways to act this skit out like hillbilly or ninja, maybe even act like cheerleaders...after you have done them all, director stomps out of the room and gives up.
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Submitted by: Deanna Bailey

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