Sit one person in the middle of a circle whose role will be to guess where the “dollar” is.

Each person places their left hand on their left knee cupped to receive the “dollar”.

With the other hand each person pretends to take the “Dollar” from their own left cupped hand and place it in the cupped hand of the person to their right.

All sing the song and do the movement in rhythm to the song. Have the person in the middle close their eyes while the rest sing the song through twice. The person in the middle then opens their eyes and guesses at where the “dollar” is all the while the rest continue the song and movement.

If they guess wrong then the person who does have the “dollar” gets to be in the middle. If correct gets to stay in the middle.(You can give the guesser one, two or three guesses.)

“Dollar” can be a quarter or small stone

Warm-up: Your hand, your neighbor’s hand (repeat until hand pattern set)

Song: Dollar dollar how I wonder, from the one hand to the other, is it fair or is it square to keep poor (person in middle’s name) sitting there? (Repeat as needed.)


A quarter or small stone


Coordination and learning of others' names
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Submitted by: Ruth Quala

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